What is Mediation?

Conflict is a natural part of any growing and dynamic relationship. Conflict happens between members of work groups, civic groups, church groups, friends, spouses, parents and children.

How one deals with conflict is a determining factor for conflict resulting in creative, dynamic groups and relationships or in hurt feelings and destroyed relationships. In an effort to maintain harmony in your personal and professional lives you often use an avoidance conflict style that over time produces the opposite result.

Most people perceive conflict as a negative to be avoided.  They spend little time developing skills to use conflict as  a creative source of energy in decision making or in a relationship.

Engaging in a mediation process with the help of a professional mediator can result in an outcome that provides relief in the present situation and hope for a better relationship.  By working with a professional mediator, you will, also, develop conflict resolution skills that can be of value in future conflict situations.  

Mediation is a process that focuses on the resolution of conflict with the assistance of an impartial third party, a professional mediator. Mediation can be court ordered or sought voluntarily by parties involved in conflict. The mediator involves the parties in a process to:

  • clarify issues in dispute,
  • determine if additional resources are needed,
  • develop options for resolution, and
  • create a plan to implement the agreed upon solutions.

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