Hi Nancy, the ‘Building a Culture of Peace’ seminar was just what we needed.  As chaplains we believe there is no complete health without spiritual well-being.  And peace is such an important component of that.  You’re always a breath of fresh air and I appreciate your wisdom, gentleness, and truthfulness!  Thanks! Pam (Cook Children’s Hospital Chaplains)

Nancy, I write for a couple of reasons.  First to tell you how much I enjoyed last week’s course.  I must admit to being skeptical about the course when I figured out that the majority of students were not lawyers.  I think attorneys in general and me in particular tend to think we have an inside track on dispute resolution and that the law way is the only way.  This course and the opportunity to hear other professionals’ insights was illuminating for me.  Secondly, I know you will be sending out materials developed by the students.  Will you also provide contact information for the class?  I would like the ability to continue communicating with some of the folks I met.”  CEDevin Attorney 2018

Hi Nancy,  thank you so much for your time and energy sharing your knowledge with us during the class.  It was an absolute pleasure to learn from you and others in the room!  I have been sharing my experience with colleagues and friends that are interested in the training.     Thanks again!  Stephanie